I love to facilitate workshops.

I love that a bunch of us gather together, our energy concentrated, on purpose, on a particular subject of interest to us all.  In this way, the workshop actually starts before it starts and I love feeling the energy build.

"I have participated in a number of Steven's workshops. I am never disappointed. He is very engaging and knowledgeable. He comes from a very deep honesty. This enables him to bring out the best in his workshop participants. He always surprises me with his humor and depth."  - Ardis J

Workshops put me in my element because I can demonstrate what Spiritual Workout is all about and how ultra-practical it is.  I'm not being interviewed about how you can change a belief, you experience for your Self how to change a belief.  I'm not talking in the abstract about how it is that E.F.T./"tapping" can help you with your anxiety, you are dialing down your anxiety right there on the spot.

I also love how dynamic workshops are.  Your questions and comments mean I am not preaching to you.  Rather, I use them to focus our energy on specifically what it is you want to talk about.  And where it is that you are stuck.  And why it is that the situation persists.  Sure, absolutely, I'll start things off with some generalities of the non-preachy sort.  But then I will shift the focus on who you are and what you most want to learn.

"What was special for me was his ability to relate everyday issues and feelings to a higher plane of consciousness, which was 1) effective in shifting how people process and deal with their issues and 2) left the group wanting more."  - Stephen J

As a veteran presenter of scores of workshops, I have it in my bones that participants should walk away with something they didn't have before.  That is always my crystal clear intention for every workshop I facilitate.

I also very much appreciate that workshops fit well into busy lives.  We are able to go fairly deep in our learning without having to commit all that much in terms of time and money.

But enough about me and what I think.

Which workshop topics interest you?

They're going to happen so they may as well happen the way you like.

Would you take a few moments to share your thoughts and opinions?

Imagine that each workshop will be three hours in duration.  On a Saturday.  Your input here absolutely helps me to serve you better.  Thank you.  🙂

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