"Steven is not only a wonderful facilitator but very insightful in terms of seeing how what we are talking about falls into the various categories of what he is very familiar with. He is able to cut through the fog of emotional confusion and help us see clearly how the solution can be reached. He has a gift of being able to listen compassionately and to direct our attention to what is really going on. It is never what we thought it was!"  - Karin & Richard G

"...from where I stand and look back now, our relationship is light years different. So, the things that come up now are relatively small, don’t last long and come with a lot of trust that we will find our way. My ultimate dream was to have a relationship where there was an undercurrent of integrity so that when disagreements came up it didn’t pull the rug out from under us. We have that now."  - Andrea B

"Best of luck to you back in New York City. Your work is very much needed here. :)"  - Mike R

"Though we all need to find our own truth, we sometimes need help along the way. For those who choose to expand their consciousness, they look inward. Spiritual Workout helps us do that."  - Juan C

"The work we have done with you is, as you know, extremely profound. Our transformation is nothing short of miraculous. I was just trying one last thing before bailing on what was a really hard and sad relationship. Now I am wildly in love with A, more so than ever before, and we have a wonderful partnership in all areas of our relationship."  - Ernesto A

"I read a book about tapping but I was eager for hands-on experience from an expert. Then I found Steven. After one session, I knew I had found what I was looking for, and I started bringing my wife, who benefited as much as I did, which was a lot. It’s not that Steven teaches you a script—he teaches you how to write your own scripts. He is the most empathetic and intuitive person we have ever met, and our brief time with him was life-altering."  - Rick B

"I began meeting with Steven as a way to help me cope after my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Was I in for a surprise! Steven’s insight and his common sense not only helped me through this incredibly challenging period, but enhanced the quality of my life in ways I never anticipated. Both my one on one sessions with Steven and the Spiritual Workouts I attended opened my eyes and gave me concrete ways to apply what I learned as well. I have seen a lot of counselors, and read a lot of self help books in my life time but nothing else has even come close!"  - Karen K

"Steven helped me tremendously when I was faced with sudden health challenges last year. His approach is unique in the sense that it is very practical yet compassionate and profound at the same time. He uses a combination of techniques, such as tapping which is much more than tapping certain points in the body 🙂 His guidance and sharp yet gentle analysis along the way helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs almost instantly. He then helped me turn those beliefs around which led to a miraculous recovery."  - Bahriye G

"Spiritual Workout helped me see how I had been holding on to deeply held, self-defeating and untrue beliefs around money and success. Once I was able to understand these underlying beliefs, I could then begin to recognize and replace them with more positive beliefs as they arose. Moreover, I was given tools to help retrain my brain toward a more positive sense of self. Spiritual Workout was a gift, and Steven was a rare and welcome mix of patient, persistent, positive, and kind."  - Heather B