This is all about you.

It's about what you want and need to get your Self back on track.

It's about gaining momentum toward an entirely new way of being.

It's about feeding your Soul the medicine it craves.

It's about cultivating clarity, focus, and certainty.

It's about what makes the most sense and what is most comfortable for you.

What will be the focus of your retreat?

Maybe you want to create your own personal rehab experience.  (There are lots of ways to do this.)

Maybe there's a crisis of some sort that's knocked you off your game.

Maybe there's something you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of -- and are ready to let go of once and for all.

Maybe things are humming along really well and you are wanting to create something new and wonderful for your future.

Maybe you just need to talk to somebody for a while to sort things out.

How long will your retreat last?

Personal Retreats start at 3 days/2 nights and go as long as 30 days.  Unless you're Travis Kalanick, in which case we're probably looking at, well, call me.

A single jam-packed day.  Three days?  Five?  Two weeks?  A month?

That depends on you.

What will your retreat look like?

Maybe it's attractive for you to have one session a day for a given number of days.  That's a great way to build momentum.  Maybe you're wanting something far more intense whereby we spend a good chunk of the day together for several days.  This is a really good way for dea

Where will this alt-style retreat take place?

In beautiful Idyllwild, California.  Two hours' drive from San Diego and Orange County, a little more than two hours from Los Angeles, about four hours from Santa Barbara and about one hour from Palm Springs and other desert cities.  Whatever it is, it's worth it.

And still, much will be up to you.

Perhaps you'll appreciate and enjoy a more traditional, indoor, office-like setting.

Maybe you'll prefer to walk and talk on any number of easy or more challenging trails.

Or maybe you're into the ancient wisdom of the boulders and will want to lose your Self in them.

Maybe you'll want to chat over coffee at a local cafe or over a meal or, simply, an adult beverage.

Your very own personal retreat is available through July, 2017.

Steven Morrison, M.A., Creator, Spiritual Workout®

My name is Steven Morrison.

I'm a former psychotherapist and, indeed, I like the beach and the mountains.  🙂

This retreat will take place in the mountains and it will be fully customized to suit your needs.