This is all about you.

It's about what you want and need to get your Self back on track.

It's about gaining momentum toward an entirely new way of being.

It's about cultivating clarity, focus, and certainty.

It's about what makes the most sense and what is most comfortable for you.

It's about infusing your Soul with the medicine it craves.

What will be the focus of your retreat?

Of course, that's entirely up to you, but here are some possible areas of focus:

- your own personal rehab experience?

- a crisis of some sort that's come out of nowhere and knocked you off your game?

- something you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of?

- something new and wonderful for your future?

- a chronic health crisis you have been dealing with?

- a serious medical diagnosis?

- a profound loss e.g., the death of someone close, the loss of a job or career, a serious breakup?

- relationship issues e.g., getting out of one, getting into one, repairing one.

Indeed, yes, personal retreats can be for couples, too.

How long will your retreat last?

The duration of your retreat will be entirely up to you starting from three days/two nights to 30 days.

Where will your fully-customized retreat take place?

In beautiful Idyllwild, California. 

Two hours' drive from San Diego and Orange County.

A little more than two hours from Los Angeles.

One hour from Palm Springs and other desert cities. 

Whatever it is, it's worth it.

What will your retreat look like?

Mostly, a lot of sitting and talking.

Probably a lot of note-taking.

Possibly, some walking and talking.

Definitely, a ton of processing while:

. soaking up peace, quiet, Nature

. walking, hiking, biking

. hanging out at a coffee shop

. dining and/or enjoying adult beverages

. doing yoga, meditation, massage, and/or other healing modalities

Who will be your guide?

That would be me,  Steven Morrison, M.A.  Hello.  🙂

I'm a former psychotherapist and the creator of Spiritual Workout.

And with more than 50,000 hours of clinical mastery under my belt, I know for certain exactly how to show you how you can get from where you are to where you want to be.  I'm also an expert in helping you figure that part out.

I'm obsessed, I'm practiced, I'm experienced, and I always have more to offer people than they're ready to take in.  You can learn more about me and Spiritual Workout right here.

It's not over when it's over.

Change requires momentum and time.  The retreat itself is largely about momentum.  And to help with time, your fully customized program will also include some post-retreat engagement.

Your very own personal retreat will next be available to begin on

October 16, 2017.