Spiritual Workout Private Sessions are a premium service designed for maximum impact.

They are for people who, one way or another, are ready to break free from an exhausting, painful, chronic condition like:

. anxiety

. depression/sadness

. fear

. self-doubt

. poor physical health

. hopelessness

. grief

. anger/rage

. past trauma

. relationship issues

. addiction issues

. job/career/identity issues

to name a few.

And nothing's off the table.

They are for people who are suddenly facing a crisis of some sort like a profound loss or a serious medical diagnosis.

They are for people who are eager to jump-start something new and wonderful in their life.

They are, one hundred percent, for people who have an affinity for and belief in the 15 concepts that make up the practice.

They are for people who are ready to create real, lasting change.

And they are for people who will appreciate working with someone who can show them precisely how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

As a former psychotherapist, creator of Spiritual Workout, and practitioner with more than 100,000 hours of mastery of this practice under his belt, I can tell you this:

With few, if any, exceptions, Spiritual Workout Private Sessions

will take you farther, faster, and deeper than traditional psychotherapy.

I support EVERYONE who avails themselves of traditional psychotherapy.  I respect the profession and all of my friends and colleagues who are

therapists.  And I offer something different.

What's really going on? 

I am a laser-focused diagnostician.

How do you get from where you are to where you are going?

I am an expert way-shower.


Hello.  My name is Steven and I'm the Spiritual Workout guy.  Please click over to About to learn more about me, this practice, and

what it can do for you and your growth.  🙂


"Spiritual Workout is like like yoga for the soul. It stretches you, working seldom used spiritual 'muscles.'  The practice relaxes and invigorates you at the same time. Steven is a master teacher, mentor and guide. He is authentic and gentle. The time I have spent with him has helped me to navigate smoothly through some pretty significant life changes. And, thanks to him, I not only believe I can have the life I dream of, I now have tools I need to make my life what exactly I want it to be. I have seen a lot of therapists over the years, but Steven Morrison is in a class of his own. No one has even come close to giving me as much insight and clarity in as short a time as he." - Karen K


"My experience with Steven, helping me write and clarify my intentions over six weeks this summer, was both inspired and fruitful!  Within a very short period of time, several began to manifest into reality.  Now, a month or so later, more are coming to fruition.  He has a unique approach that is practical and yet very caring."  - Judy H


We Do Spiritual Workout Private Sessions in Three Steps



Am I the guy you're looking for?  Let's see.

First, please complete and submit this brief questionnaire to set the table for a no-fee conversation.

We'll chat for 20-30 minutes or so, I'll hear you out about what it is you're looking for and I'll certainly answer all of your questions.





Your success with Spiritual Workout depends on two critical factors:  momentum and time.

Momentum begins with an introductory series of three full sessions to be completed within ten days.

Upon completion of these introductory, we'll re-assess.






In an effort to truly anchor what you've started into your daily life experience, we may decide that more work is in order.

If so, packages or three, five, or ten sessions will be offered and renewed as called for.





Are you having a warm feeling?

Do you feel some degree of eagerness and anticipation?  Or even nervousness?  Are you ready to address that thing you've been thinking about

addressing for a long time?  Or that thing that doesn't seem to be responding to other approaches?

If so, please initiate a conversation by filling out the questionnaire and we'll be on our way.  I look forward to meeting you.

P E A C E ,


Steven Morrison, M.A.

Creator, Spiritual Workout

NOTE:  To insure strict confidentiality, I will communicate with you directly throughout this process.